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The proposed art gallery was aimed at reflecting the human endeavour of local artists over time. The series of spaces were designed in hopes of allowing the viewer to see no boundaries between indoors and outdoors. While light had to be limited within gallery walls, the viewer could see the branches of the trees remaining in the middle of the building between two glass cylinders in which they'd have to have passed through to reach the first floor. The created circulation allows the exploration of space within glass borders, allowing indirect light within the gallery spaces. The use of corten steel exterior achieves the aesthetic pleasure of the material undergoing chemical changes in color and shape over time, fitting the given sites natural antique beauty, enriching what exists instead of renaming it. The courtyards became an integral part of the design through the exploration of Henry Moore's artwork and his sculpture 'Oval with Points' as his work too would be exhibited in this gallery. The inspiration of the sculpture went far as to not only determining the internal layout and plans of the gallery but also the entrance as the visitors go through an exploded replica of the sculpture itself to enter the gallery. 

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